Patrick Mahomes Is The PERFECT Person To Bring The NFL Community Together

This ‘us versus them’ bullshit is getting a bit tiresome now. Namely because things have gotten so confused no knows who us and them is. Following the booing at Kansas City’s first home game when Kansas and the Texans joined together to show support unity. Which most people showed as support for Black Lives Matter.

But this isn’t about black versus white. Herschel Walker called for calm and for people to support the police during this difficult time. There was also a brawl between the 6,000 fans at last nights Browns game. although no seems to know what is down to.

But more worryingly we saw the debacle with Alejandro Villanueva replaciing the name of Antwon Rose. a black teenager who was shot by police following his involvement in a drive-by shooting. Taping over his name with that of Alwyn Cashe, a U.S. Army sergeant who died in 2005 from injuries sustained while on patrol in Iraq. 

But Patrick Mahomes can be the one brings peoples together. Recognizing that no one supports police brutality, regardless of which race it is against. However, the police must be supported they are combatting serious and deadly crime.

Criticism has grown against Black Lives Matter following riots in Lancaster, PA after police shot dead a nutcase armed with a knife who chased an officer. Ricardo Munoz who was shot dead by our brave police officers was awaiting trial for previously stabbing four strangers last year. Without the police the number of people stabbed could hit an untold number. The police do an amazing job at protecting the public.

Now I’m not saying that Mahomes is the perfect person because he is paid an incredible amount of money, I’m saying it because of the booing that took place at Arrowhead Stadium it put Mahomes directly in the spotlight. It was Mahomes who appeared to be orchestrating the two teams forming the line, although it must have been pre-arranged.

The booing by the Chiefs fans wasn’t the first time of course following Patriots fans booing their team in 2018, including fans demanding players from their own who kneel during the national anthem should be fired.

The truth is there only one thing that can improve the friction between fans and teams and that is communication. Mahomes is known as a great communicator which makes the perfect person build a discussion which will ease tensions and bring an end to the tumultuous times within football.

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