Brandon Walker Epitomizes The Stone Cold Steve Austin Spirit Because Brandon Walker Said So

The smash of glass. The boom of rock guitars and drums. Brandon Walker has just got out of bed and if you don’t like it. SUCK IT. Brandon lives his life the way he wants to ’cause Brandon Walker said so.

But seriously. This is a man who grew up in era of men being real men. A man with attitude and those who grew up watching John Cena wrestling a teddy bear can’t handle it and don’t know how to address it.

But let’s look at the basics…never make a rattlesnake angry. Especially when they are going through a mid-life crisis

And also NEVER slay the golden goose. After all, sex sells.

Now believe it or not there was once an era when men didn’t have to give explanations or answers. They just did whatever the fuck they wanted.

Just like the Attitude Era of WWF, men were expected to tell others what to do and how to take it. The term ‘no fucks given’ didn’t exist because the question of whether men gave a fuck was never raised.

Now it may get your blood boiling to hear this but in the golden era of wrestling such has left such an indelible mark on Brandon other people were more forgiving to how men should behave.

The days when men were men and women weren’t criticized for wanting men to behave like men and Stone Cold Steve Austin certainly delivered.



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