Andy Reid’s Face Mask Needs Some Elon Musk Wizardry Before Winter Hits

So as reported by Barstool Sports, Andy Reid has added “NHL-style defogging technology” to his face mask to stop it from misting up. But here’s the thing…in the winter that is going frost up and there’s only one man who can save him. Invention genius Elon Musk.

Elon will some how have to find a way to heat the screen whilst maintaining its compactness and lightweight properties. Certainly Reid can’t be expected to coach when his condensation freezes over and the plastic will begin to warp if warms up enough to keep from frosting over.

Reid may also want to tuck a thick scuff underneath so some redesign may also have to take place. But if Musk can come up with the Cybertruck then a heated face mask should be no problem

But is Musk to busy or will he take it on.

So Musk has agreed to take it on.

Of course there are heated face masks that exist for adventururs who enter the poles. How can Reid be expected to talk to his players through this!

Let’s just hope Musk comes up with a suitable solution.

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