Colby Covington Can Take Donald Trump To The Bank (And Conor McGregor)

Mr. President! Mr. President!

Thanks to President Donald Trump’s support, Colby Covington now has the opportunity to become the head guy in the UFC. Conor McGregor is thought to worth around $100m and also owns a burgeoning whiskey brand ‘Proper Twelve’, which is thought to be quite good.

So sure, McGregor has laid the path for Colby to make many millions of dollars but the support of Donald Trump will certainly give him a major boost. Especially after Trump called Colby live on air.

Colby and the President have had a friendship since Colby starting wearing his MAGA hat.

People love showmanship but Colby has to strike whilst the iron is hot. He has a bachelors degree in Sociology so he has brains and at 32 he needs to ride the Trump Train all the way to the bank and cash whilst he can

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