Tottenham Fans Use Goldenboy Harry Kane For A Completely Unfair Team Mate Overshadow

Harry Kane is currently Tottenham and England’s ‘Golden Boy’. He’s worth around $150 million in the transfer market and scores plenty of stylish goals. But his team mate Son Heung-min just scored four goals against Southampton.

Four goals in one match.

But Twitter is currently singling out support Harry Kane after he got four assists. But then again so did Manager Jose Mourinho, claiming that Kane should be Man of the Match. It was awarded to Son.

What does Son have to do to get some credit!

But Son did take it al his stride as Kane and Son joked with each other at the end of the match.

Tottenham fans are understandably pumped following the return of Gareth Bale. But doubts will still remain over whether Mourinho still has the ability to upset the dressing room and piss off his players.

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