At 62 Ellen DeGeneres Still Claims She Is “Work In Progress” In Excuse Laden Apology

So Ellen DeGeneres deserves some credit for finally apologizes to coincide with the relaunch of her show was weak and desperate. She also claimed that at the age of 62 she is still “work in progress”. But if you’re going to be in a position of power, as Ellen recognizes, it’s surely dangerous that someone who can’t control their behavior and generally bullies people around her shouldn’t be in that position.

Nothing wrong with being impatient, but not being able to control your behavior at the age of 62 is just weak. It’s weak for a 62-year old to reach out for every excuse possible instead of just taking FULL responsibility. But then again if lawyers are circling then it’s purpose understandable, I’m sure Ellen will do anything to protect her $300 million wealth.

Time to retire.

In other news, Deadspin’s Carron J. Phillips Is A Fucking Asshole

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