3 NFL Teams Fined Total Of $1 Million For Coaches Not Wearing Masks, Could Get A Lot Worse

NFL fined three head coaches – – Denver’s Vic Fangio, Seattle’s Pete Carroll and SF’s Kyle Shanahan – $100,000 each for not wearing masks Sunday, and each of their teams another $250,000, sources told ESPN. So that’s $1.05 million dollars in fines for not wearing masks.

Yet some coaches have also been mocked for how they appear wearing a mask.

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But it’s another PR disaster for NFL following the booing of fans on the opening weekend of the season and how Patrick Mahomes Is The PERFECT Person To Bring The NFL Community Together. But face masks are undoubtedly are contentious issue but the NFL also has to stand behind its rules.

The NFL matchday rules state, “All individuals with Bench Area Access, except for Players, shall be required to wear masks at all times. Coaches must wear either a mask, neck gaiter, and/or face shield to satisfy this obligation.”

Carroll, Shanahan and Fangio each wore neck gaiters during their teams’ first two games, but NFL officials noted each coach has often been seen with the covering pushed down below their chin.

The NFL has also warned that they will step in fines including suspended coaching staff from entering stadiums of matchdays.

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