Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Reported To Be Investing In Non-League Welsh Soccer Club Wrexham AFC (SOCCER SHOCKER)

Firstly, there is some truth behind this story as the investment from Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney was raised at a Special General Meeting on Tuesday, with the Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST) confirming both names after 97.5 per cent of the 1,254 members voted in favour of pursuing the talks.

So let’s break this down. Wrexham AFC are a small, provincial soccer club based in Wales and operate the 5th tier of England football (yes some Welsh teams play in the English divisions). The sources suggest that Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, best known for playing Mac in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, plan to invest in the club.

The move is surprising considering Wrexham only has a population of 130,000 and certainly isn’t considered a ‘sleeping giant’. The club would require a few hundred million dollars of investment not only in the playing staff but also in the stadium to get the club to top flight football. The only reason why someone would seek to invest in a club like Wrexham is for an affiliation with Wrexham or whether the pair have plans for some form of bizarre entertainment production with the club.

The move for the club is quite bewildering. It is thought that the pair will purchase the club for a nominal fee and inject £2 million into the club to improve facilities and playing staff.

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