Ultraviolet Light Can Kill Coronavirus, Japanese Company Has Done It (Turns Out Trump Was Right)

So Donald Trump caused a cluster fuck when he ‘joked’ that one potential treatment for coronavirus was to inject people with disinfectant but just before that he also suggested that ultraviolet light can be applied to the body to kill the virus. Now here’s the thing, Trump was tipped off about those two points and there is actually a company in America that has been developing ultraviolent germ killing technology for a few years.

But now a company in Japan has developed the technology to kill coronavirus using ultraviolent light. The company also worked with Columbia University and it’s thought the light could be used in buses, trains, elevators and offices to help kill the virus.

The light currently costs a staggering $2,800 and the Japanese manufacturer only accepts orders for medical institutions currently. Hopefully it will help to control the spread of the virus until a vaccine is able to go widespread.

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