Barstool Sports, The Blog Post On The Woman Being Tased For Not Wearing A Mask Is Somewhat Misleading

Firstly, I am not out and out attacking or criticizing this blog post from Barstool Sports An Ohio Mom Was Tased At Her Son’s Middle School Football Game For Refusing To Wear A Mask because it does state that “I still gotta side against her. Like, ma’am, how can you not just wear a mask? This pandemic didn’t start a couple days ago.” Which I completely agree with. The woman being arrested is an adult and supposedly knew the rules and should respect them.

But I do think articles likes this can be misleading and dangerous for various reasons:

1. The video doesn’t show the full encounter. Before the arrest was made the woman could have been using abusive language or any other reason for being arrested.

2. Although the video doesn’t show I’m sure the woman was asked to leave and she refused to. It would have been quite reasonable for the police to threaten to arrest the woman if she failed to leave. The key point is and what so much of the media ignores is that this is private property. If someone entered your home, you asked them to leave and they refused you can phone the police and a similar scene could have been repeated like the one in the video. The media ignores certain laws because it makes them appear on the peoples side and against government establishments.

3. In all practicality, the woman wasn’t arrested for not wearing a mask. She was arrested for refusing to leave private property and she was tased for resisting arrest.

4. The police don’t make the laws. If someone is resisting arrest that is not the fault of the police, they are just doing their job.

So I think a reasonable title for this blog post should be “Woman Is Tased After Resisting Arrest For Not Wearing A Mask”. A somewhat different title but one which more accurately reflects what probably happened in this video.

It’s blog posts like the one from Barstool Sports that leads to people resenting the police when the facts are misreported. This woman is clearly resisting arresting arrest which is a crime. People might not like the reasons why she was arrested but that is a different matter.

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