Is Calling A Black Soccer Player A “Fat Water Buffalo” Racist? (The English Football Association Says No)

So we’ve already celebrated Wycombe Wanderers success at being promoted to the English Championship for the first time in their history Akinfenwa and ‘The Chairboys’ Wycombe Wanderers Remind the World of the Beauty of Sport, but this story featuring Wycombe is far less positive.

In July, Adebayo Akinfenwa reported a representative from rivals Fleetwood who Akinfenwa claimed referred to him as a “fat water buffalo”. Yet the English Football Association has decided that the remark was not considered racist.

The FA received a formal complaint from Wycombe and responding by investigating the allegation including interviewing witnesses, including players, staff and match officials. It said it commissioned a report from “an independent expert in race relations” to provide an “expert” opinion on the language used.

“The expert was provided with all the details of the allegation, as well as the context in which the words were used, and concluded that the words were not objectively racist,” the FA said. “The FA understands the offence that has been caused to the WWFC player by their use. The FA will therefore seek to monitor the use of these words moving forwards and discourage their use given the potential they have to offend.”

Wycombe released a statement claiming “The club believes the FA had the opportunity to take appropriate steps to ensure the conduct was punished appropriately and to make sure that everyone knows that this type of comment will not be tolerated in the future.”

The truth is only the person who made this comment will know if it was racist.

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