Dave’s Views On Trysta’s White Privilege Blog Post Was Very Interesting

So Trysta’s blog post Why The Brooklyn Nets Hiring The Whitest NBA Coach Since Fred Hoiberg is SUPER Problematic really got my back up really bad and Dave’s views on the post were also very interesting.

Now you be thinking that I’m milking the issue after previously covering it, but I’m glad that Dave is willing to openly discuss it. 99.9999% of business owners would delete the blog post and never discuss it in public ever again but what makes Barstool so shit fucking hot is that Dave is willing to openly discuss it.

Trysta’s blog post revolved around the premise that The Brooklyn Nets should have appointed a black coach to appease the rioters and looters and Black Lives Matter who are self-proclaimed “trained Marxists” because Trysta seems to think that mob rule should run society. In a video with Big Cat and Brandon Walker, Trysta also seemed to believe that the decision was down to white privilege, which was equally frustrating.

To listen to what Dave has to say about Trysta Krick blog post you can hear it around 1 hour 4 minutes into the podcast. To paraphrase, Dave was quick to point out that he thought the title was dumb and when he first saw the title he actually thought it was a Deadspin article, which was my initial reaction.

Dave was also frustrated that somebody who is relatively new to the company was writing political content. Dave also recognized that his social team did not want to share the article as it was so inflammatory and was also frustrated that Kmarko decided the publish the article. Dave acknowledged that an article like Trysta’s would split the audience, with some people agreeing with what Trysta had to say and others dead set against it. I certainly thought it was some of the most stupid shit ever written. Especially when Big Cat pointed out that many of the black coaches on the list of possible coaches had already had jobs in the NBA. A sentiment that was echoed by Charles Barkley, so to suggest that the argument was down to black versus white people is false. It’s down to being an adult, looking at the facts and not allowing mob rule to takeover society.

Yes, there is an element of white privilege in America and it’s completely normal. White people created the modern/synthetic world in which Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James make tens of millions dollars so they can enjoy it. Take the car for example, the mass production of cars was invented by Henry Ford whose ancestors are now born into instant wealth. But now more races are joining the ‘privilege’ of having massive wealth. Asian people in America, on average, earn more money that white people and Dr. Dre sold a company for $800 million which rebranded headphones. A product invented by a white man. It’s people like Trysta who go on the Internet and complain about white privilege who fail to understand that the Internet and all the telephony and satellite equipment that allows the Internet to function was invented by white people. Why use the tools of white people to complain about them, it’s just ridiculous and hypocritical. The concept of software which now makes the world go round was invented by a white woman. Trysta has the ‘privilege’ to communicate with millions of people because of white people.

I also agree with Eddie’s point. If Trysta want’s to have that opinion then she is entitled to it in a free and democractic society. In some countries these kinds of views can have you sent to prison, or even worse. I’m also not saying Trysta shouldn’t work at Barstool because millions of other people in America have the same opinion towards white privilege as her, but to have such a hostile towards white people is very sad. White people invented electricity, penicillin etc, etc. When Zimbabwe threw out the white farmers from its country it triggered a deadly famine which has devastated the country and killed thousands of people. Maybe ‘white privilege’ is actually a positive element in some instances. America is also one of the most culturally diverse and progressive countries in the world. You can travel around Eastern Europe and Russia and you will not find a single black person in a position of power or a single black sports coach.

In terms of coaches, the NBA probably has more coaches from an ethnic minority that any other country in the world. Only the Chinese soccer league would challenge it. Yet Trysta still criticizes the NBA. Just unbelievable.

Great podcast, keep up the great work Eddie.

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