Kanye West Is Possibly A Billionaire, He Needs To Stop Preaching And Start Donating

It’s widely thought that thanks to his Yeezy clothing brand, Kayne West is worth approximately $1.3 billion. Yet, Kayne West is insistant on preaching that black people are oppressed and that black people “WILL BE RECOGNIZED”.

Yet, it’s clear that Kanye is simply looking for publicity. Many businesses live and die on publicity and Kayne, as the face of Yeezy, is a business. If he had any genuine concern about the needs of black people he would sell a sizeable stake in his business, around $250 million and use it to invest in black owned businesses. It wouldn’t be surprised if a large portion of employees including in accounts and marketing are white. White people helping a black person to become incredibly wealthy.

If Kanye was concerned about oppression of black people he would also use his platform to raise the issue of the six million modern-day slaves in Africa. Yet as Africa is the ‘home’ of slavery, where it began and where it is most prevalent, Kayne West and his fellow celebrity activists are always reluctant to shine a light on the real issues of oppression. How can Kayne shine a light of modern day slavery when his gold jewellery is likely to have been mined by some of those six million slaves.

Instead he is telling young black people in America that be relevant and to rebel against oppression they buy is $800 sneakers.

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