Is The Mainstream Media Corrupt? (Presidential Debate)

The ‘mainstream media’ which could accurately be described as “traditional or established broadcasting or publishing outlets” is increasingly being accused of being corrupt for peddling ‘fake news’. For media corporations such as CNN or the Washington Post they may decide that deliberately publishing fakes news or misinformation helps them to make more profit or to sway elections in favor of the businesses owners. Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, so if he wants Presidential Candidate B to win then it’s in his interests to publish positive news about candidate B and negative news of Candidate A. But even the BBC, a taxpayer funded media organisation has been accused of publishing fake news and biased articles with the new Chairman threatening to sack staff who show signs of bias.

Of course, one of the biggest proponents of spreading the idea of fake news is Donald Trump. Even using images to suggest that the media took sides with his opponents in the forthcoming election.

The truth is only the media organisations know what their intentions are and if they are prepared to be corrupt by spreading misinformation and fake news.

But the people of America will need to decide it’s influence on the election.

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