LET’S BE HONEST: Joe Biden’s Election Strategy Is To Use Kamala Harris To Promote Violence On The Streets Of America And Blame It On Donald Trump

Despite the violence that we have seen plaguing large parts of America over the last six months taking place in Democratic cities, Joe Biden was adamant in the first debate that the violence was the fault of Donald Trump. But this is all part of Joe Biden’s strategy to use Kamala Harris to encourage violence and then to blame it on Donald Trump. It’s the reason why he chose Kamala Harris as his Vice President candidate.

Just days after TWO POLICE OFFICERS WERE SHOT, Kamala Harris did the complete opposite of condemning the violence but instead stated that the Black Lives Matter ‘protests’ are “essential for the evolution of our country”.

The idea that there should be any confusion between what a protest is and attempted murder shows just how desperate and despicable Kamala Harris’s behavior is. Harris has even promoted bail bond funds which have led to sexual abusers being released on parole to commit more sexual violence.

This is just a small sample of the anarchists who are encouraged by Harris to commit violence on the streets of Democratic cities like Portland.

Including throwing Molotov cocktails at police officers.

Biden is so desperate he is prepared to support people who through Molotov cocktails at police so that he can get elected.

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