Joe Rogan Is Kinda Wrong About Psychedelics Inventing Santa Claus (Don’t Show Him Zwarte Piet)

So if you listen to the discussion about psychedelic drugs inventing Santa Claus its kind of convincing, especially the part about climbing down chimneys. Wake Up With Joe Rogan Talking About How Early Christians On Psychedelics Invented Santa Claus But the rest is just crap. Especially the part about Santa Claus being dressed in red. He was originally dressed in green and its the Coca-Cola marketing which came many years later which saw Santa Claus being dressed in red. Also the part about reindeer and pine trees is also whacko because Santa Claus originates from a Danish guy called Saint Nicholas who saved three children lost in the countryside. These children were kidnapped by butcher before being saved by Saint Nicholas and returned to their parents. Obviously, in Denmark the countryside is made up of pine trees and people moved around by sleds drawn by reindeer. This is why European people celebrate Christmas from 5-25 December.

But there are also other variations of the story, including Sinterklaas in Holland where they also have a character called Zwarte Peit (Black Peter) who is based on a Spanish companion of Santa Claus. Dutch people celebrate the character by wearing black face.

It would be interesting to see what Joe’s views on this character are.

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