Turns Out We Are Getting Traffic From “Barstool Sports Trysta Krick White Supremacy” On Google

So our site is picking up traffic from the search term “Barstool Sports Trysta Krick White Supremacy” on Google. We feature number 1 for the search terms and the increase in traffic came directly after Dave discussed it in the first Dave Portnoy podcast.

We have featured Trysta’s controversial article covering the appointed of Steve Nash as the head coach of the Brookly Nets.

Did I Rip Trysta Krick To Hard Yesterday?

Dave’s Views On Trysta’s White Privilege Blog Post Was Very Interesting

But I want to be clear, we are not saying that Trysta shouldn’t have these views or she shouldn’t believe that white supremacy exists. That is to simple. We want Trysta to consider the facts and take a deeper look at what is really happening. Take for example Zimbabwe. When Zimbabwe threw out the white farmers it triggered a famine which has decimated the country. Also, if you look at the number of coaches in the NBA from a minority it is probably the highest ratio in the world, from any sport. In Eastern Europe and Russia it would be unspeakable for any sports team to have a black coach. Yet Trysta bizarrely takes issue with the NBA. Just truly bizarre.

In other news, Zillion Beer On Tap! Barstool Sports Bars Is A Great Idea

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