Donald Trump Is Lucky He Doesn’t Have A Heart Infection (Trump Returns To Whitehouse)

Okay, so woe me a little. But around March time I started to get really sick, a banging headache, stiff joints, loss of tastes. All the symptoms of coronavirus. Then I started to get a stinging pain in the heart area and it was worse at night which made it almost impossible to sleep. So I phoned up the doctor and basically I wasn’t sick enough to go to hospital and the doctors were also in lockdown at home. So I had to collect some anti-bacterial tablets from the pharmacist and take a course of tablets. They help immediately but a heart infection does leave a lingering pain and discomfort for around six months. As far as I can tell the muscles around the heart get infected. There are many side effects to coronavirus. For some its also the lungs with permanent scarfing. It just isn’t good.