Barstool Sports Soccer Reporter Calls LA Rams Players “Parasites” Over New Stadium

Firstly, I don’t want to be publishing a blog post like this but if I didn’t I would be a hypocrite. The thing is, I just don’t like it. In fact I hate it. I’ve criticized Deadspin heavily for their treatment towards athletes who refuse to kneel during the national anthem because of their religious views and in my view it’s unfair on the LA Rams players for a sports reporter to refer to them as “parasites” because the owner of their team built them a new stadium, so it also needs to be called out. Sure, professional athletes are paid huge amounts of money. But calling them “parasites” because the owner of their sports team built them a new stadium is just ridiculous and isn’t what sport is about.

So let me explain, Barstool Sports soccer reporter, “Troopz” is an Arsenal fan and he seems to be under the impression that their owner, Stan Kroenke, is taking money from Arsenal and transferring it to his sports teams in America and most notably the LA Rams brand new $5 billion SoFi Stadium. A suggestion which is pretty stupid one to make and here’s why:

2016/17: -£92.42 million

2017/18: +£4.94m

2018/19: -£65.03m

2019/20: -£144.35m

2020/21: -£60.92m (1 of 2 transfer windows)

These are the player transfer deficits over the last five seasons for Arsenal football club. That’s right, this clown ass joker thinks a soccer club which has made a DEFICIT of £357,780,000 in just five years is somehow capable of simultaneously funding a $5 billion stadium. Just a few days ago Arsenal spent £45 million on Thomas Partey and last year spent £72 million of Nicolas Pepe. Have you ever heard anything as ridiculous? Someone actually believes a football club who has spent £117,000,000 on two players is also funding a $5,000,0000,000 sports stadium on the other side of the world. Just astonishing. But like I said, if I call out Deadspin for their nonsense then I have to treat Barstool Sports equally.

And here it is, this a screenshot of LA Rams players being referred to as “parasites” because Stan Kroenke is in the changing room of the new stadium with the LA Rams players (Kroenke is tucked away off screen).

Now you might think that players either aren’t bothered or just have to accept treatment like this. “It comes with the territory”. But this is what stupid reporting like this leads to:

This is an Arsenal fans response to Troopz Tweet, suggesting that Arsenal fans should “riot” because Kroenke spent $5 billion on a stadium in LA but Arsenal had yet to sign Partey for $50 million.

Troopz isn’t using any form of logic or basic factual information. He’s just pandering to that select group of fans who don’t understand how difficult it is for a football club based in London to sign a Ghanaian football player for £45 million from a club in Spain. Even if means referring to professional athletes as “parasites”.

Yes, you can dive into whether that £357,780,000 DEFICIT was wasted on buying the wrong players, but that is a different matter to somehow suggesting Arsenal is funding a $5 billion stadium for a different sports team. Yes, Kroenke may be lining his own personal pocket with £20 million or so from Arsenal each year, but £20 million isn’t enough to fit out the bathrooms in a $5 billion stadium. Yet Troopz still thinks its acceptable to refer to professional athletes as “parasites”.

Just like Deadspin need to apologize to the professional athletes they attack over their religious views on kneeling during a national anthem. If Troopz was any form of adult he would apologize to the professional athletes who he refers to as parasites because their team owner built them a new stadium.