The Impact Erika Nardini Will Have At WWE

As we covered Erika Nardini Joins WWE Board Of Directors but the role Erika will play will feature around one core element…the Big DC.

The digital content. For WWE to grow it doesn’t matter what happens in the ring, it’s all about building a digital brand that people can access quickly and easily each time they pick up a phone or go on the Internet Brining fans into immersive digital content. Yes the WWE could sell more pay-per-view tickets but the entertainment industry is continuously expanding and it’s all about gaming. In a roundabout way.

The WWE has many assets, most notably it’s toys and action figures which long been a success. But WWE must link them to it’s digital content, allowing fans to unlock more digital content when they purchase a toy or collectors item. Rewarding fans and adding value. Let’s say for example a game is released featuring The Undertaker. The game ‘full spec’ game with all the current volume of gaming options, including all the characters and moves. But if a fan purchases The Undertaker toy it unlocks a casket match. DLC’s or loot boxes have always been controversial, but by adding value with a collectable toy then the offers is more palatable to WWE fans. Also, the secondary market for WWE toys is incredibly healthy. Some figures can go from $20 to $70 in less that two years. Just look on Amazon. Now, we all know that eSports is going to be huge and with a WWE eSports league the WWE is going to get left behind. WWE fans should be able to create and save their own characters which they power-up as they progress. Tournaments take place with everyone starting equal, but as players win they progress onto an eSports Wrestlemania head on the day of the actual Wrestlemania. Bringing fans in the experience of playing tournaments.

Pokémon Go made a record $207 million in its first month. Now I’m not saying WWE fans should be roaming around finding characters but WWE can use digital content to bring people into the ‘WWE Universe’ by rewarding fans as they progress. Whether it’s buying a certain toy or following Shinsuke Nakamura on Twitter. WWE is certainly changing, most notably by dropping WWE Divas and developing the hugely successful Women’s titles. But the WWE does need to decide how ‘adult’ its going to be.

But why exactly digital?

People aren’t just paying with their money. Customers are now paying with their time.




Mobile games

Live sport



These are just a sample of the forms of entertainment WWE is competing with. Each of these platforms thrive on be quick and simple to access. If WWE is low and clunky, so will its revenue be. So in a nutshell, Erika needs to web all its assets together around digital content, rewarding and incentivising fans to engage with a quick and fluid platform that allows fans to be at the forefront of gaming.

Regardless of what takes place in the ring WWE needs to fuck digitally.