Coley Mick Has Balls. Let’s Chop Them Off (A Bit)

Firstly, congratualtions to Coley Mick on becoming the new Chief Editor at Barstool Sports. I’m not going to go to into the histrionics of how he got the job because frankly its just gossip, Plus, Dave has covered it more fully in the Dave Portnoy Show. The point I want to raise is that Coley Mick needs to ensure Barstool Sports doesn’t become a dinosaur. Barstool’s move to launching an LGBTQ podcast helps.

The Internet is changing society at a ferocious pace. What shocked people yesterday is a cliché today and what was a cliché yesterday, shocks people today. If you can’t keep up with the pace of the changing world you are old hat. A dying breed. A dinosaur.

Take sports. Now athletes in every single contact sport have to move like lightening. It’s no longer thinking with your head that wins games, it’s how quickly can you release the ball before an athlete with pace like an Olympic sprinter tackles you.

But why does Coley Mick have balls? Well he had the balls to sit down in front of Dave and tell him the blog was crap and it needs changing. Then again perhaps Coley Mick was looking at the mistakes made by Kmarko as an opportunity for his own career and with Dave so exasperated with Kmarko’s apparent agenda to upset people within Barstool, Dave decided to roll the dice on Coley Mick. Probably half of one, six a dozen of the other. But Coley Mick’s job won’t easy. Pleasing everybody never is. But good luck to him.