How Will Out & About Make LGBTQ Not Boring?

So Kate & Pat are launching an LGBTQ Podcast

But the whole issue surrounding LGBTQ is so boring. It’s old hat.

The world is still confused about homosexuality because its a way for some people to make money. A comedian can tell a few ‘gay jokes’ or a tabloid newspaper can claim that an unnamed world famous athlete is gay and they can make money from it. One a quiet news day in the sports room just pull out the ‘Soccer Star In The Closet Card’ so to some people the subject of homosexuality is a commodity. “Rainbow people exist and by god are we are going to make money from them”. This is how a lot accountants of major consumer brands think. Making money from absolutely everyone is the American Dream, regardless of what they do between the sheets. I kinda hope Out & About doesn’t help to perpetuate the commercialization of peoples sexuality, although I’m not saying they shouldn’t make money from their podcast. It’s those companies that deliberately target gay people just to make money from them that are the problem.

A similarity can be drawn to how Disney made a stack of cash from the consumer demographic of ‘feminists’ when they made the Captain Marvel movie. Disney pay women less than men, but did the thousands of ‘feminists’ who queued up to watch the movie in theatres ask what is really going on? Nope. They just threw money at a product that was made by a mega-corporation for people who think they are feminists. It’s just marketing on Disney’s behalf. Let’s show ‘feminists’ what they want to see and hide the reality. It’s like Barstool Sports making money from LGBTQ podcast but having a policy of paying homosexual staff less than heterosexual staff.

But marketing targeted at social campaigners worked so gay fans of Captain Marvel made crazed and insane videos insisting Captain Marvel is gay. Claiming that “queer coding” was used to reveal Captain Marvel is gay.

Even the actors behind the characters insisted their characters were gay. Regardless of whether the screenwriters portrayed the character as a gay. This image was tweeted by Brie Larson and Tessa Thompson. It seems nonsensical and immature to portray a fictional comic book movie character as gay when they are not. Or a way to generate ticket sales from gay people. Brie Larson also said she wanted the Marvel Universe to ‘move faster’ when it comes to representing gay characters. But how the hell are Marvel and their owners Disney going to be able to do that if China restricts their movies. Western society has made massive strides in accepting homosexuality, what holds it back (sometimes) are current or former communist countries.

But pandering to gay rights activists can be dangerous. When gay fans of Captain Marvel decided that Captain Marvel was gay they then ran a petition for Brie Larson to be replaced by an openly gay actress. Hopefully Pat will be gay enough to host a popular LGBTQ podcast.

If you ask one of the actors from The Avengers movies if they support the gay rights movement they will come out with superlatives about how important gay people are to our culture but the very same actors will happily promote their movie in China, who along with Russia, Middle East and several countries throughout Asia ban gay content in movies and on TV. Just enough of the double standard bullshit and will be interesting to see if and how Out & About traverse this issue with the NBA and other sports organisations who make considerable money from China and the Middle East.

But the truth is, in terms of the cultural influence of gay people we have been there done it. Most notably British musical artists Freddie and Elton John used their sexuality as a key influence in their music. But now The Gay Times chooses to separate modern musical artists by their sexuality as if its still important. Why should anyone care, we have been there and done it before. Musical artists singled out for being gay is a cliché especially when they are crap.

Gay culture. Okay, we get it. Stop going on about it.

Now gay culture a demographic for big businesses to make money from…

In June’s LGBT history month Adidas launched a nine piece ‘Pride Pack’. $24.99 for a tee and $89.95 for the sneakers were just two of the staples. Easy money but without the clever ‘rainbow marketing’ gay people won’t be pressured into buying this crap. If a betting company could run odds on which gay football player will score the most points in a season they will. Another opportunity for a business to make money from peoples sexuality.

But are people really interested, or like me do they find it boring and old hat. This is a screenshot from The Gay Times website promoting its subscription service. It points out there are fewer LGBTQ+ media titles today than ten years ago. Doesn’t that tell you something? The importance and significance of the role of gay culture it’s just media hype. Not to say it’s not important but it’s been done to death already. Is there demand for an LGBTQ podcast?

The number of people who identify as a lesbian, gay or transgender increased by 50% in five years. But it’s still only 4.5%. Is homosexuality becoming more acceptable making gay culture less interesting so less people want to hear or read about it?

But that’s not to say homophobia isn’t an issue within sport because it clearly is. Just in the last few months a number of athletes from soccer players through to WWE wrestlers have been attacked either online or during a match from a fellow professional over their sexuality. Now I could give you a range of examples, but quite frankly there’s no point in me complaining about gay people being identified as being different and then I’m prepared to do the same. That would make me a hypocrite.

Now issues surround transgender are very different and far more controversial. Just ask Joe Rogan who has had to defend himself from his own colleagues at Spotify who want to have editorial control over his content because Rogan held a discussion surrounding transgender people who later go on to regret going through a gender transition. Some reports suggest 20% to 50% of all transgender people go on to regret their transition. Which one is it, 20% or 50%?

But yes transphobia is real. Seattle Seahawks radio host, Dori Monson was suspended for this Tweet which was considered transphobic.

Various sports including weightlifting, MMA and rugby have been hit by controversies surrounding transgender women joining women’s sports. Weightlifting records have been smashed by transgender women and Fallon Fox, a transgender MMA fighter cracked her female opponents skull during a match. People born male are ON AVERAGE around 30% stronger than women. (Although telling some people this can upset them) Men have thicker bones, enabling them to gain a larger muscle mass. Allowing them to have more strength. There are many sports that transgender women can go onto dominate, seriously injuring women in the process.

Then there we’re on to the controversies and I’m hoping if Out & About cover them they use facts. There’s also the politics. Trump told the UN that gay rights should be observed around the world and Biden supported a bill that banned gay marriage. I doubt that will be addressed. But there still appears to be a culture developing of “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” A mentality which generates division and often causes people to believe that gay rights campaigners are extremists, hostile or just attention seeking. I hope Out & About don’t take this mentality and approach towards fans of Barstool Sports. Just because millions of people who follow Barstool Sports don’t want listen to a LGBTQ podcast doesn’t mean they are homophobic or transphobic.

Either way, a podcast launched discussing and celebrating homosexuality and its influence on sport and culture is “progress”. But for me, it’s still just old hat and boring and I doubt if I will listen. But what could be interesting is seeing the gay rights activists who are jealous of Pat’s success for hosting a popular LGBQT podcast claim that Pat just isn’t gay enough.