What Is The Nora Onlyfans Barstool Sports Controversy And Is She Suing Them?

So Nora is a 20-year old college student making $50,000 a month on Onlyfans. Barstool Sports held an interview with Barstool Sports, yet Nora claims that Barstool Sports took images and video clips from her private content and used within their own videos and content without her permission which has since been removed from the site. To which Nora took to Twitter claiming that she is upset with Barstool, but also pointed out that she wasn’t looking for extra publicity and wishes she had a lawyer.

Yet Nora did receive sexist abuse, to which Nora stuck to her guns and continued to point out that what Barstool Sports did was illegal.

And still claims she was taken advantage of.

Personally, I think its a lesson for both. Perhaps, Barstool Sports assumed Nora would be glad of the publicity considering she is making a significant amount of money and Nora could have taken the time to learn more about Barstool Sports and there perspective. But Nora has stated she is getting a lawyer.