How This Guy Could Have Fended Off The “Kitty Kat” Stalking Cougar

So slacker Young Pageviews posted about the Cougar who chased a hiker for six straight minutes. Understandably the guy was panicking and says that he wishes he had his gun…

But how do you fend off a cougar attack?

1. Back away slowly

2. Make yourself appear larger

3. Make some noise. Fire a warning shot with a gun or a whistle. The noise will almost certainly scare off the cougar

4. Throw stones or rocks at the Cougar

5. Use bear spray or an aerosol

The guy did the right thing by making lots of noise but he could have made the job a lot easier if he hit the cougar with a stone. A stone wouldn’t seriously injure the cougar. It will have excellent eyesight and most likely dodge enough stones until it gets the idea and leaves.