Is Kanye West Secretly Jealous Of Joe Rogan’s Success And Believes Rogan Would Get More Votes For President? (That’s Why Kanye Wants To Go On The Rogan Show)

So Kayne West has asked to Joe Rogan if he can appear on his show. The appearance was meant to happen earlier in the year but other things got in the way shall we say. Yet joe Rogan has amassed his incredible popularity most from the comfort of his studio and through commentating MMA matches. Kanye on the other hand has spent many hours grinding away in the studio, working long hours on music video sets and traversing the world performing concerts. If both men ran for President I actually think Rogan would get more votes.

The whole thing about Kanye wanting to become President is just bizarre but if that’s what he wants to do then fine. But it comes across as a great way to simply to continue to get publicity, along with his latest venture of promoting event would took place involving slavery. Almost changing his tune from claiming that black people need to move on from the events that took place on cotton fields to visiting Haiti, the first country in the world to abolish slavery.

But if Kanye is serious about running for office he may want to attempt to steal away the popularity and support that Rogan has by appearing on his show and going on an intellectual battle against him.

If Kayne does appear on the show expect a huge battle of minds between someone trying to keep his job at Spotify who are paying him buckets of cash on a daily basis and someone trying to use to presidency of America and slavery to promote his fashion brand which has made him a billionaire. Something West probably wanted his entire life.