2021 Needs Joe Rogan & Nicolas Cage In A Baseball Movie, Jui Jitsu Looks Insane And A Bit Crappy

So Barstool Sports shared the trailer for Jui Jitsu. A totally bonkers-insane movie that will ride between a big budget Hollywood acid trip and a B Movie.

But what 2021 needs is for the big characters of Nicolas Cage and Joe Rogan to feature in a movie together. Nicolas Cage is making movies for toffee whilst Rogan has featured in a few movies, including a cameo in ‘Here Comes the Boom’. Rogan had a crack at acting back in 1997, when he featured alongside Rose McGowan in a TV pilot called ‘Bruce Testones, Fashion Photographer’. It got poor reviews and didn’t take off.

I’m thinking Rogan as a washed up baseball player trying to get a young, talented wayward teen to focus on his game, made worse by Nicolas Cage coming back into his life. Now that would fuck. Dave, get your check book out as it can’t be any worse than what ‘Jui Jitsu’ looks. Throw in a sound track from My Chemical Romance who’s cousin, Gerard Way fronts and it would fuck hard.

Rogan and Cage not only sounds like a killer Whiskey but would look immense on screen. There is this Deep Fake replacing Elon Musk with Nicolas Cage.

Now we just need them in a movie together…

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