Just Typing “Borelli” Into Mafia Wiki Is Enough To Get You Sleeping With The Fishes

Dave needs to know just who he is working with. Dave mentioned how his Team Portnoy man, Frankie Borelli had family connections to the mafia. But those connections run deep, especially with the second one!

There is Henry Borelli, or ‘Dirty Henry’ because of his skills with a gun. He got the nickname from the Dirty Harry character. Henry was sentenced to life in prison and a concurrent sentence of 150 years for 15 counts of auto theft. In sentencing Borelli, Judge Duffy stated,

“You have been convicted of being what is generally called a contract killer. Henry Borelli, you profess Roman Catholicism. I would suggest that what you should do is beg God for forgiveness.”

But then there is Vito Borelli. Constantino Paul “Big Paulie” Castellano who ran the Gambino family is claimed to have asked John Gotti to kill Vito Borelli, who at the time was dating Paul Castellano’s daughter. Borelli had joked about Castellano looking like chicken grower Frank Perdue.

But on a positive not is Robert Borelli. He turned his life around from a drug-addicted mafia member to a Christian preacher.

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