Fist The Betting Hole And Get On The Monday ‘Did You Win Or Did You Lose Chance Of Redemption Bet’

So this is fucking messy, but it’s your chance to fist the betting hole.

So yesterday I tipped Tottenham and the Pittsburgh Steelers to win in a double. Now despite Tottenham drawing 3-3 with an incredible end to the match, my bet still won.

The reason is my bookie offers Early Payout. In soccer, if your team goes 2 goals clear (which Tottenham) did and your NFL team goes 17 points clear (which Steelers did) it locks it in as a win. So both Tottenham and Steelers could have ended up losing their matches and my bet still would have won. Pretty cool.

Does your bookie offer Early Payout?

Now if your bookie doesn’t offer Early Payout here’s your chance of redemption and my opportunity for more profits.

Now some people go deep (money) and long (parlay length). This like guy who won $62,922.50 from $2,000, over the weekend.

Instead, we’re going to chuck some humble pie on:

Kansas City Chiefs @ Buffalo Bills – Chiefs to win

Paris St. Germain v Man Utd – PSG to win

Both Chiefs and Bills are both 4-1 but it will be Chiefs who storm this one. Now, there’s a little bit of a delay for the second part of our double. PSG will waltz all over Man Utd in the first Group Stage of the Champions League, but the match doesn’t kick off until 9PM tomorrow, France time.

Now, I could bluff it a give you a tip I don’t believe will win but I’m certain Chiefs will overcome the Bills and PSG will steamroller Man Utd. Just need to be a bit patient.

So who needs to fist the betting hole and get Early Payouts when their ahead?

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