I Have A Challenge For Dave Portnoy And If He Was Any Kind Of A Betting Man He Would Accept It

So I’m going to be blunt…if Dave was any kind of betting man he would accept my challenge.

So yesterday I tipped the Chiefs to beat Buffalo Bills and Paris St Germain to beat Manchester United. The football/soccer double parlay is half-way complete after Chiefs beat Bills 26 – 17. Now it just needs PSG to stuff Man Utd. Which they will.

Now my challenge to Dave (if he’s man enough) is to pick five football/soccer doubles for this weekend. The person with the most winners wins the challenge. Now if it comes down to a draw then the winner will be decided by the highest accumulative odds of winning doubles.

The bets can come from any matches held on Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th local time.

As Dave himself put’s it…

So for one double, Dave might go for:

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants – Eagles to Win

Liverpool v Sheffield United – Liverpool to Win

The bets and the odds must be declared by end of play Thursday 22nd.

Now is Dave a betting man or not?

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