Lil Samsquanch, Is This Supposed To Be Sarcastic Or Are You An Asshole?

I’m sorry but Lil Samsquanch comes across as a complete asshole. (Unless he’s being sarcastic in a genius way in his blog post and then I’m just not getting it).

But let me explain why I think he’s an asshole…

So Lil Samsquanch’ blog post is based on popular Tik Tokker, Bryce Hall who allegedly attacking a restaurant server after he asked Bryce Hall to stop vaping. But Lil Samsquanch then goes onto say that he would have stepped in and attacked the restaurant server himself. Firstly, the restaurant may have its own policy that vaping is banned on its PRIVATE property. But it’s actually illegal to smoke or vape in restaurants. So the restaurants worker is simply doing his job. So why is Lil Samsquanch claiming he would beat up a restaurants for doing his job,

The second reason, or more important, why I think Lil Samsquanch is an asshole is because he says “At the end of the day I’d take a fucking bullet for Bryce and my main goal is to grind at Barstool for the next few years until I can finally become one of the Sway Boys.”

Now again, this maybe sarcastic but based on Lil Samsquanch’s previous Tweets to Bryce Hall which he displays in the blog post it is quite clear that Lil Samsquanch is just using Barstool Sports as a stepping stone. Who does that remind you of? The answer is Francis Ellis who was widely viewed by Dave as using Barstool Sports to further his own personal career. Ellis was eventually sacked for being an asshole and writing a blog post about a young woman who had gone missing and was later found murdered.

Now 98% of Barstool Sports staff are funny and ‘push the envelope’ but in a fun and entertaining way. 2% are just assholes, using Barstool Sports as a stepping stone and who Dave and the management should route out and fire ASAP.

Like I said, unless Lil Samsquanch is being genius sarcastic, but I’ll let others be the judge of that.

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