Barstool Sports Isn’t A Breeding Ground For Assholes, It Just Feels That Way Sometimes

So this may come across as though I’m just attacking people and trying to cause controversy but that would be unfair. Almost all the people at Barstool Sports are straight-up, decent people and I’ve produced blog posts about those people in the past. Like Frank and Coach Duggs. A gift from the entertainment gods. Now it maybe the way our brains are wired but we are naturally drawn towards bad news. “Bad news sells”, “if bleeds it leads”. Newspapers, TV channels and now websites are wall to wall with negative news because we see it as a threat – and a thrill. That’s how we are.

I think that is why am so bothered, or ‘triggered’ sometimes by a minority of the personalities at Barstool Sports who I fear may ruin the company…and some have damaged it. Take for example Ellie Schnitt who was allegedly sacked for encouraging people to call into a her podcast and promote arson attacks on police stations. Or Francis Ellis who was sacked for mocking a young woman who had gone missing and was later found dead. These people are a threat to the stability of Barstool Sports and they need to be stuffed into a cannon and fired out into the Atlantic Ocean.

That’s why I reacted so strongly to Lil Samsquanch’s blog post. I still don’t know if its meant to be sarcastic but if its genuine then it’s pretty disturbing. In it he claims that he would attack a restaurant worker on behalf of a celebrity. Is that what we are getting to now? America has seen to much violence over the last six months, but now we are going to assault other people on behalf of someone who uploads videos to an app for a living? Just pathetic.

Yes, Barstool Sports is all about pushing boundaries and entertaining people. But sticking your head up a celebrities ass to the point where you would offer to physically assault someone who is just doing their job is just ridiculous and out the Ellie Schnitt/Francis Ellis handbook on how to be an asshole. On top of that Lil Samsquanch has the temerity to admit that he is just using Barstool Sports as a stepping stone…what an asshole.

But let’s get back to how Barstool Sports really is…

…the stuff of legends.

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