Dave, These Food Challenges Would Fuck To The Moon

So we all watched a team of five Barstool Sports staff battle it out against a bear to see who could eat the most hotdogs.

But now Barstool needs to go deeper. Deeper and to the moon and these food challenges will fuck there way to the moon.

1. Big Cat v Lion And A Face Sized Donut

So we know that Big Cat loves donuts…

But Big Cat eating a face sizes donut against a Lion (big cat, get it?). Now I don’t know if Lion’s eat donuts but there’s only one way to find out. Not a small donut either, a donut the size of their heads.

Now bare in mind lions have big heads and no one has said you can’t have a meat based donut, although it could be a bit chewy giving Big Cat a distinct advantage.

2. Glenny Balls & Mush v Horse At Apple Bobbing

We’re continuing with our horse theme from our killer Barstool Sportsbook promotion. What we’re going for is Glenny Balls & Marty Mush apple bobbing versus a horse.

Horses fucking love apples and everyone loves horses.

Two humans versus a horse, who would win? And yes they have to eat the apple.

3. Barstool Team v Shark And Crab Pizzas

Now I don’t know if sharks ear crab pizzas, but they do eat crabs. Put crabs and pizza together and you have a potential meal for a shark.

Now sharks can swim at around 25mph and they infamously have the ability to smell a drop of blood from a mile away. So you could have a few boats around 50 metres apart taking it in turns to throw a crab pizza into the sea and see how many the shark can eat in 10 minutes. (Obviously you have to make sure its the same shark)

No one else could do anything else like this, no other sports business will be on the fucking moon.

Want to lose weight with fresh fruits that fuck?

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