Who Broke Barstool Sports On My Browser, Leave A Comment If Your Experience Is Bust Also

So I’m using the Microsoft browser, Microsoft Edge or whatever the fuck its called, and for almost a week BarstoolSports.com has been broken. I was waiting to see if it would be fixed or whatever the issue is but I am still having to use Google Chrome to access Barstool Sports. Now you be asking why I don’t use Google Chrome all the time. That’s because on my other laptop Chrome locks up most times when I open the browser.

Basically, this is what I get. The first few blog post displays have the image and then images don’t display.

And then when I go into a blog post, none of the embedded content displays…

So this large area of white screen should have a YouTube video embedded in it. But on the current Microsoft browser I see zilcho, yet it worked fine up until about a week and a half ago and every other website works perfectly.

Leave a comment below if you are also having these problems.

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