You Don’t Need A Safe Space

The term ‘safe space’ began to emerge around two or three years ago and people immediately began to mock it. Viewing it as a mentality for people who struggle to cope with the world around them to want to either isolate themselves away from the realities of the world or battle irrationally against immaterial nonsense which most people shrug their shoulders at and ignore. The term ‘snowflake’ also appeared within our vocabulary to describe people who would become ‘triggered’ by the worlds immaterial nonsense. Making them angry or upset to the point where it would ruin their daily lives. But more and more people are being won over by the idea of a safe space. Take for example someone who despises the sight of Justin Bieber and decides they want to live in a world, or a safe space, where they simply don’t experience anything to do with the popstar. It solves a problem for that person.

The concept of having a safe space comes from our increasing ability to control and moderate the content we receive. We can create playlists of our favorite songs in Spotify, subscribe to a myriad of different YouTube channels we like to watch and only visit the websites we choose to visit. But for someone to expect they re never going to see or hear Justin Bieber throughout their life is just unrealistic. So when they do see or experience what they want avoid, they become disappointed. So disappointed they become extremely frustrated that the controls they have over their lives don’t fully work and they become triggered.

But here’s the thing…the media industry is turning into a circus which is able to sell tickets to people once they become triggered. Content is being provided for people who are triggered by the sight of Justin Bieber. Or currently, by the sight of the politician they dislike the most. People who are triggered are lapping up this content. So what is the media going to do? Show people who don’t want to see Justin Bieber the said popstar or the politician they dislike the most photos and video footage of the politician in a way that capitalizes on that deeply held level of frustration. Creating a vicious cycle of people who want to live in a world they fully curate, become deeply frustrated by not being able to live in that world and then consuming content which pries on their anger and frustration.

It’s like someone sat in a padded cell, hoping to never see an episode of The Big Bang Theory ever gain. But when its shown on a huge screen in front of them its followed up by a news channel or website attacking the shows producers, lamenting on how the show should never have been made or how terrible the actors are. Feeding on the frustration and anger of the person sat in the padded cell. With the person paying rent on the padded cell.

Mega-corporation Disney even tried to use its subsidiary, Marvel to financially capitalize on the emergence of ‘Safe Space’ and ‘Snowflake’ by launching new comic book characters. They were duly mocked. But if you’re not carefully it will be you sat in a padded cell which you pay rent on, reading comic books about a pair of dumbass fictional characters called Snowflake and Safespace.

Just face the world and get on with it as best you can. You don’t need a safe space.

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