I Have A Terrible Confession To Make…But I Did Make A Profit And That’s All That Matters

So our Sunday four-football match parlay came in and so did our Monday Mauler of two soccer matches and the LA Rams to beat the Bears. Putting us in line for a Treble Lockdown of winning Parlays. Ten winning sports matches in a row.

But here’s the truth and I’m not proud of it…I cashed out before the last two soccer matches finished!

Yes, I pussy’d out. But still made a profit.

You see, we backed the following soccer matches:

Lokomotiv Moscow v BAYERN MUNICH – Bayern Munich to Win

Wycombe v WATFORD – Watford to Win

Marseille v MAN CITY – Man City to Win

Bayern Munich won their match 2-1 before the remaining two games kicked off and into the second half both Watford and Man City were winning only 1-0 each. So our bet was in a profitable position…so yeah, we pussied out.

But did we make a profit again? Yes. And considered Watford only drew away to Wycombe we made the right decision. A profit is a profit and guess what, it was the right decision as Wycombe equalized against Watford to finish 1-1. We backed 10 sports games and won 9 and make a good profit all round.

Just think, if we had Dave Portnoy’s kind of money I could have turned $100,000 into around $900,000. Not bad going.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

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