Let’s Help Mantis During A Pandemic…He Deserves It And I Can 100% Vouch For That

So Young Mantis has been let go by Barstool Sports and personally I’m gutted. Let me set the stage…In early March I was put into lockdown and found myself working at home but within a few weeks I found myself suffering from a terrible cold/flu and also the symptoms of Coronavirus with a complete loss of taste, smell and dehydration. But within a few days I started to get a terrible stinging pain around my heart. It was like being stung by a wasp directly inside the heart so I phoned the doctor who told me under normal circumstances I would go to A&E and have an ECG. But because of Coronavirus and I was still conscious I couldn’t go to the Emergency Ward. The doctor did a stroke test over the phone and determined that it was likely to be a heart infection and I was put on a course of anti-infection tablets which I had to collect from a pharmacist with the box of tablets sealed in a clear plastic bag which was unusual. The label said they are used by people who come in contact with infected cattle, but didn’t say anything about infected bats. Now a heart infection is incredibly painful and you fall asleep by passing out around 4AM. But I also couldn’t tell my boss that I was sick as I could have lost my job or be put on sick leave and lost money without knowing how long I would be in lockdown for. I also couldn’t tell my family because it would worry them to much and they couldn’t do anything anyway incase I made them sick also considering coronavirus is contagious. So all round it was a pretty fucking awful time. It wasn’t for another six weeks that I could go to the hospital and have an ECG and a blood test just to make fully sure it wasn’t something more serious. But I still couldn’t have a coronavirus test, not that it would have made much difference if I knew whether I had Coronavirus or not.

Over the following four months the stinging pain dimmed into a deep cramp around the heart and now around six months later I’m back to normal and pain free. But you might be thinking “Okay, so what has this got to do with Mantis?” So here’s the thing. Whilst being stuck at home away from the outside world including work and seriously struggling to sleep I found myself watching hours upon hours of old Barstool Sports YouTube videos. I found it therapeutic watching people having fun whilst at work. I couldn’t even go to work and get my normal life back, even if work was shit sometimes. So watching hours upon hours of people in offices having fun helped massively.

But the content that stands out the most from all those hours of old Barstool Sports YouTube videos is Young Mantis. Here he was with a disability but still wanted to do his thing, his way and enjoy it – and he was funny. No one hustles hoopers and makes outdoor content like Mantis. Watching a young man with this attitude whilst going through my own challenges at the time helped massively. Young Mantis was and is an inspiration. That’s just how it is.

Yes there may be other reasons why it hasn’t worked out for Mantis but I know he deserves peoples support…we all do from time to time. With 34,000 Twitter followers it only takes $1 from each of Mantis’s followers to get Mantis’s job back and at least give him the chance to turn this situation around…and I’m going to step up with the first $200 because coronavirus is not going to fucking win. But I need you to support me and it could cost you as little as $1. {The account is in British sterling but that’s just a technicality)

Has this coronavirus situation hindered Mantis? Yes, its made it hard for everybody. We have to deal with facts but there has to come a point where we start fucking coronavirus in the face and start getting our lives back to normal. Nobody can say for sure but I think its safe to say Mantis would have a much better chance of keeping his job if this pandemic didn’t exist and Mantis was able to get out there and do his unique thing….after all his YouTube videos hold their own in terms of viewing figures and the video which leads with Mantis kissing Lisa Ann got 1.6 million views. Barstool Sports fifth most popular YouTube video on its YouTube account since it started seven years ago. Would Lisa Ann want to be filmed kissing someone in the middle of a pandemic? Probably not.

Is Mantis a great blogger? Probably not. But is he magnetic on video when there isn’t a global pandemic going around? Yes and the proof is online. But here’s the thing also…a lot of the replies to Young Mantis on Twitter are quite angry towards Dave and also towards Erika. But you know what…business is business. Do you think Dave and Erika want to be in this position? No. It’s just business. Sometimes business is great, sometimes its shit. It’s just business and balance sheets don’t stop during a pandemic.



If you watch the video of Young Mantis getting hired he clearly ticked a lot of boxes. He is funny and quite frankly there is no one like Mantis. Given time he can correct the reasons why he lost his job. Young Mantis is…young. Is it easy being young? No.

So here’s the plan. Each of Young Mantis’s 34,000 Twitter followers and everyone who wants to see the young people of America overcome this pandemic and once again thrive should donate an average of $1 to get Young Mantis’ job back at Barstool for another 12 months where he will be able to fix the reasons why he lost his job.

Mantis helped me through a difficult period in my life. The least I can do is to help him in return and no fucker is going to stop me. We don’t fight against pandemics for nothing.

Is there any ill will towards Dave and Barstool? Only if you are missing the point.

Donate what you can. Let’s get Mantis’s job back, fuck coronavirus in it’s face and move on together.


Thank You.

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