Let’s Have One More Attempt To Save Mornin’ Sunshine

So I was going to call this “It’s Time To End The Dumb Show” but that is being to defeatist. Plus I like Brandon and Kate a lot, Brandon is the boss on Twitter and Kate is magnificent on Instagram (I sent Kate a congratulation card on her pregnancy but forgot to put the company name in the address, hopefully she got it) but boy is Mornin’ Sunshine a pile of dog turd. It’s embarrassing. It even has someone doing a weather forecast whilst having a shower. It’s just turgid shit and I’ve given up watching it. I actually think it was night time outside when the weather reporter was making a weather report on the weather for a morning show. Fuck me with a broomstick is this show bad. Even the basics are completely flawed.

But let’s stay cool, calm and collected and POSITIVE VIBES ONLY…

Fuck that…the entire show is a disaster from start to finish. It’s called Mornin’ Sunshine but there’s nothing morning or even ironically morning about it. It’s just bad. Mornin’ Sunshine is the Jets of video entertainment. Without massive changes it will never win.

The opening sequence is Brandon on his hands and knees eating cake and Kate sticking a bogey to a bathroom wall. What the fuck does that have to do with morning? Just have both Kate and Brandon getting out of a bed in an overly excited way. Even basic morning stuff would work better or don’t call in ‘Mornin’ Sunshine’, instead call it “Hey, We Make This Video Content That Could Take Place Any Time Of The Day Show”.

But perhaps its meant to be ironically bad, but either way no one is watching it. On YouTube it typically gets 9,000 views on a channel with nearly 700,000 members.

I might be wrong but these are the kind of analytics YouTube look at. “Does someone have a channel with a lot of followers but some videos only get 1% of the views? Okay, we are not going to promote that channel ahead of other channels which get consistently high views”. I’m sure I’ve heard this is one of many metrics YouTube use.

So let’s try to save this show..

Breakfast cereal. You eat breakfast cereal in the morning right? All they have to do is feature breakfast cereal instead of chocolate cake. Fuck me with a broomstick twice is this show dumb and pointless. There are thousands of different cereals. Just review breakfast cereals instead of having a weather reporter having a shower at night time.

Live music. Now live music isn’t morning related but it will get people pumped up in the morning. I have a watched around twenty Mornin’ Sunshine’s and I can probably remember a few scenes. There is nothing memorable or ‘viral’ about the show. Okay, so there are no Ramones or Nirvana around these days but having live music on a morning show would be unique and different.

Puppets. Everyone lives puppets. It’s got to be better than a weather reporter taking a show at night time. It might work out, it might not.

Cam Newtons pyjama’s. Its from a sports blog. Make a skit about Cam Newton waking up in his pyjama’s. Just something to do with the fucking morning so the show has a genuine theme they can build on. Instead of, “it might be 10AM right now or 11PM, either way who cares” theme.

What is so frustrating is that Mornin’ Sunshine could be great. You wake up in the morning and you rush to YouTube to see todays show which has a live band and drunk puppets to get you going in the morning. Instead. its a weather reporter having a shower at night time.

Now I’m not really blaming anyone because that’s not my position and there’s probably a producer involved which is unfair on Kate and Brandon but boy is this show infuriatingly shit.

I least I tried. Jets Forever.

Want to lose weight with fresh fruits that fuck?

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