Should Barstool Sportsbook Be Banned From Holding A Gambling License In New York?

Now I might be wrong but I would imagine that a State gambling commission would only want to grant gambling licenses to companies that act in a responsible way. For example, if the director of a business had certain criminal convictions for fraud and money laundering then they almost certainly wouldn’t get a license. But what about a company that offers to physically assault a regular person? Are they acting in a responsible way?

Now I have covered this article from Lil Sasquatch before and it still bothers me for two key reasons. Firstly, America has seen enough violence over the last six months to last a life time. Does a company of any kind need to be adding to it. But secondly, where does it stop. Could Barstool Sports one day write an article “Place A Bet And If You Lose Assault A Random Stranger”. Yes it’s inflammatory, but so is publishing articles offering to assault someone and I for one just don’t think its acceptable.

Yes there are a time for a joke and banter, but an employee of a business genuinely offering to assault someone is just pathetic.

Now if Barstool was banned from holding a gambling license in New York it still leaves them with 49 other states and a massive array of international territories. Sports gambling in Europe is huge so it wouldn’t be a massive blow to the Barstool if it was refused a license in New York. But when a business is going to condone and promote violence at a time when America is awash with it, surely there should be some sort of punishment?

Let’s say a business encouraged people to take drugs or to commit any other serious crime, should they receive a gambling license if they applied? Basically, can Barstool Sports be trusted with a gambling license?

The blog post from Lil Sasquatch is offering to assault a restaurant worker after he asked someone to stop vaping. This is in a state that has a law against smoking or vaping in restaurants. Most states take all their laws seriously. Whether it’s laws surrounding gambling or vaping in certain spaces. Should Barstool be banned from holding a gambling license because it was prepared to assault someone because they disagreed with a different state law? That would be quite ironic.

Yet maybe I’m wrong about this but I’m convinced that genuinely offering to assault someone is just pathetic. Especially when the person writing the blog post is 3,000 miles away from the victim. That just means you’re a spineless douche bag.

Now you might think I’m against Barstool Sportsbook but to the contrary. I wrote a blog post just the other day on how I think they will be a huge success.

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