Dave Portnoy, How Much Blood Is Mantis Worth?

So I’ll be up front and honest, I am trying to find a way that gets Dave to re-employ Mantis at Barstool Sports and if I have to crack a few eggs to make an omelette then so be it.

Mantis has generated 4,000,000 views across two videos and given the right opportunity Mantis will have a successful show.

So what would you rather watch?…the current format of Mornin’ Sunshine which lets be honest is a disaster and is being flogged to death or Mantis interviewing people like Abella Danger, Tik-Tokers, rappers or comedians in their pyjama’s talking about what they have for breakfast, their favorite fast food and how they treat a hangover? Actual morning content.

Now don’t get be wrong. I think Brandon and Kate are fantastic. But Mornin’ Sunshine just does not work on any level. It could be a flagship show for Barstool yet somedays gets as little as 6,500 views.

So here’s one suggestion for Mantis to get his job back and hosting his own show like a killer, hugely popular breakfast show. And remember, Mantis has generated 2,4000,000 views for one video. He can get views.

If Mantis can get an X number of people to donate blood leading up to winter, in the middle of a pandemic which is incredibly important then he gets his job back.

Blood donations are incredibly important right now and have slumped to dangerous levels since the coronavirus outbreak.

So what is that X number of people? If Dave is prepared to put a stake in the ground for the number of people Mantis has to get to donate blood then Mantis gets his job back.

Am I trying to manipulate Dave Portnoy? No and for two reasons. Dave Portnoy is not a soy boy who can be pushed around and secondly Mantis has proven in the right setting he can generate VIEWS.

So how many pints Dave? How many pints of blood does Mantis need to get donated to hospitals leading up to winter in the middle of pandemic to get his job back?

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