I Was Kinda Wrong About Lil Samsquanch’s Blog Post. Either Way It’s Terrible.

So I wrote a blog post Lil Samsquanch, Is This Supposed To Be Sarcastic Or Are You An Asshole? The blog post is in response to a blog post Lil Samsquanch wrote in which he defended a Tik-Tokker who attacked a restaurant worker who asked him to stop vaping. Yet, as the of my blog post suggests, there are a few points in Lil Samsquanch’s article which suggests he is being sarcastic (at the time I said it was “genius sarcastic” which was I terrible mistake on my part). Now if you read the comments to Lil Samsquanch blog post you will see that around 90% of the responses take Lil Samsquanch’s blog post seriously and around 10% point out that the blog post is ‘satire’.

To write a satirical blog post that 90% of the people who leave comments believe is genuine kinda suggests that it’s terrible satire. It’s not ironical satire, it’s just terrible. It’s like telling a joke only the douche bags who beat their partners get.

To write a blog post promoting violent assault at a time when America is riven with violence and most readers who leave comments think is genuine isn’t big, clever or funny. It’s just childish.

At least I know now I won’t be wasting anymore of my time reading Lil Samsquanch’s blog posts and I think so will most of the people who left comments when they realise Lil Samsquanch’s can’t write satire.

Thankfully, Barstool has plenty of talented comment makers, far beyond Lil Samsquanch (or whatever his name is).

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