Stu Feiner’s Dong Has Turned Into A Patriots Voodoo Doll…Let’s Make Some Money From It

The New England Patriot’s have one person to blame for their terrible form and it’s Stu Feiner. Who has turned his dong into a voodoo doll to upset Dave.

Giving us the opportunity to make some money.

Last weekend my four game Parlay landed and so it will again this weekend…

Patriots v BILLS – Buffalo Bills to Win

Jets v CHIEFS – Kansas City Chiefs to Win

TITANS v Bengals – Tennessee Titans to Win

Cowboys v EAGES – Philadelphia Eagles to Win

Have we picked Chiefs, the most one-sided game in the history of NFL? Yes. Is it good value? No. Will it win? Yes.

God bless Stu Feiner’s dong. If you win big you owe to Stu to buy his merch.

Want to lose weight with fresh fruits that fuck?

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