Let’s Get Kate A Free Baby Changing Table By Watching A YouTube Video

So Kate raised on Twitter how much baby changing tables cost and discussion insued with her followers suggesting cheaper alternatives until one bright spark of asking Uncle Chaps to use his wordworking skills to build one. However, wood don’t come cheap and you can quote me on that. So whether Kate buys a baby changing table or has one made it’s going to cost. But there is a simple solution. If someone with woodworking skills builds a unit and makes a video of it and enough people watch the video the advertising revenue will cover the cost of the materials. Pretty simple, eh!

Now depending on what niche a YouTube video is based in the standard is around $2 per views. Now I’m estimating the wood would cost $200. So if 100,000 people watch a video on how to build a baby changing table that would make $200. Give or take.

Giving lovely Kate a free baby changing table. As simple as that.

What would help a lot is once the video is made is for people to watch it and share it (put some though into it haven’t I)

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