Why Was Big Cat Sent 10lbs Of Crab?

On a recent Rundown Dave highlighted that Jimmy’s Sea Food, a Baltimore based business that specialize in authentic Maryland Crabcakes, had been chirping at him and Big Cat said that he had noticed it. A few days later Big Cat was mystified as to why he had be sent 10lbs of crab and also questions “Am I being trolled?”

So let’s look at the possible reasons why in fact Big Cat received a lot of crabs:

1. It was a promotional gift or an attempted appeasement to any ill will

2. A whole variety of elongated crustaceans which were similar to the form of lobsters and large shrimps evolved over 5 million years to resemble various grab shapes. Primarily losing their tail which made it harder for predators to eat them. Now Big Cat is tall (long) so Jimmy’s Sea Food sending Big Cat 10lbs insinuates that Jimmy’ Sea Food believe that Big Cat will also evolved into a crab.

Now crabs are actually very tough and resilient and some can also climb trees. So perhaps Jimmy’s Sea Food actually meant it is as a compliment. “Big Cat is going to evolve into a crab, develop a strong outer shell and climb trees”. Perhaps this is the methodology of why Big Cat was sent 10lbs of crab.

Now there’s only one way to see and that’s if Big Cat is sent a crab costume to help spur his evolution into an actual crab…

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