The Albert Einstein Parlay Will Win…I Have A Theory

So last weekend The Guy Fawkes Parlay won, the Parlay where your a hero if it loses but it still won so all the better. Then came England’s international friendly against the Republic of Ireland. I prompted people to back the over 2.5 goals because it was a full moon. Even though it may not have been. The over was almost certain to land and with England going 2-0 up after 31 minutes it left plenty of time to even back to the 2-0 or trade out to lock in a profit or wait to see if another girl was scored and with England winning 3-0 this gives me enough confidence to Parlay from last weekends win into this weekend.

So on to The Albert Einstein Parlay. But why is called is called ‘Albert Einstein’? So the let me example, Einstein was full of theories and I have my own…the more sports you include in your Parlay, the more chance you have of winning because you are less likely to lose because of an upset.

So let’s say any given weekend you back five strong football teams to win their games in the NFL, their only needs to be one upset over the course of the weekend and your bet loses and each individual sport has its upsets. Making it better to include various sports to avoid those upsets across a selection of sporting events. So that’s why I’m going to mix my sports, to help avoid those upsets. After all, it paid off last weekend. Plus, I’ve also included Germany where Einstein was born and Austria wh0 Einstein became a citizen of. What more could you ask for, this is literally Einstein territory!

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS v Carolina Panthers – Buccaneers to Win

GERMANY v Ukraine – Germany to Win

AUSTRIA v Northern Ireland – Austria to Win

San Francisco 49ers v NEW ORLEANS SAINTS – Saints to Win

BALTIMORE RAVENS – New England Patriots – Baltimore Ravens to Win


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