It’s Time Barstool Sports Ended Its Obsession With Fake Brie Larson

Brie Larson said in an interview that she wanted to be the next Tom Cruise and she is. The most divisive and dispised actor in Hollywood. Think I’m joking. Just search YouTube for videos ‘flaming’ her check out her own YouTube channel which quickly died a death following its launch. But to keep it alive, Brie has reverted back to what helped her stay afloat before her acting career took off…getting skimpy because she has not genuine talent.

No one likes Brie Larson. When Brie Larson began uploading YouTube videos they quickly got ratiod and now no one is watching them, leaving a supposed A List actress to resort to flaunting her curves because not enough people are interested in what she has to say. But that won’t work either. Jack Black’s pot belly has 4.98 million YouTube subscribers compared to Larson’s hips that lie which have 450K followers.

But the YouTube hell continues for Larson, when she appeared in a Wired interview Larson was roasted online for petulance and rudeness. The left wing mob accused YouTube viewers of being sexist yet her female Marvel co-stars Scarlett Johansson and Elizabeth Olsen received glowing comments and likes. Many people simply dislike Brie Larson.

I think people are also wising up to her antics. Even the feminists and human rights supporters. Disney pay women less than men but managed to sell $1.4 of tickets to feminists to see Captain Marvel and when it comes to human rights Brie Larson claims to be an actitivist but also gets paid to attend fashion shows in China. The very same country that has inprisoned a million people because of their religion.

‘Activist’ Brie Larson also appeared on the front cover of Elle magazine China edition. That’s right, the county that has put one million people in concentration camps, forcing Muslims to change their religion and where the American government claim China is importing real hair into America. Suspected of being forcibly shaved off the prisoners of the concentration camps.

People are also cottoning on to the fact that Brie Larson jumps on every social movement trend going. When the #MeToo movement was in full flow and she was releasing a female comic book superhero movie she was busy to portray herself as a feminist. Yet following the death of George Floyd she was all over the Black Lives Matter movement to promote her own YouTube channel.

Social movements aren’t created to help promote the careers of Hollywood actress. So why Barstool is all over her like a rush is some what puzzling. Brie Larson is a fraud, jumping on the latest social movement to promote her career and now jigging her bits in skimpy clothes because she can’t compete with Jack Black for YouTube views.

Come to think of it. She is worse than Tom Cruise and I despise Barstool Sports featuring her.

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