The Lightspeed Albert Einstein Parlay Brought An 11X Profit, I’ll Take That

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The Albert Einstein Parlay thundered along at lightspeed. Especially with the soccer. Both Germany and Austria came from 1-0 down to win their games. Germany eventually run out comfortable 3-1 winners over Ukraine but the story was very different for Austria who battled against Northern Ireland to score two in last ten minutes to win 2-1.

The football was a much easier event with Saints running our comfortable 27-10 winners at the 49ers whilst the Buccaneers thumped the Panthers 46-23. But now the Parlay comes down tonight with the Baltimore Ravens at home to the Patriots.

Last weekends Parlay and with one game left to bring home a nice 17X profit across the two Parlays it was clear that the last hurdle was going to a step to far. So I did the smart thing and quit whilst I was ahead, cashing out with a 11X profit.

Sure it’s not 17X but I’ll take that.

The Albert Einstein Parlay…

TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS v Carolina Panthers – Buccaneers to Win

GERMANY v Ukraine – Germany to Win

AUSTRIA v Northern Ireland – Austria to Win

San Francisco 49ers v NEW ORLEANS SAINTS – Saints to Win

BALTIMORE RAVENS – New England Patriots – Baltimore Ravens to Win

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