Erika Nardini/Stephanie McMahon, This Could Take WWE Merch And Toys To A Whole New Level?

So Italian soccer club Fiorentina have announced that they will start adding microchips to their jerseys which use blockchain technology to prevent counterfeiters from copying their merchandise. Using an app to confirm to owners and collectors that the jersey is authentic.

So here’s the thing…if the chip can pass information to an app then WWE can make game apps which connect to WWE merchandise or premium jerseys to add bonuses to the game. So the idea is a WWE fan downloads a game, but if they want to unlock a casket match they either purchase an Undertaker jersey or scan someone else’s.

Sure there will be a few catches along the way like fans will buy jerseys, scan the tag and then return the jersey for a refund but by linking the merchandise to an app game it could be a great way to boost merchandise sales. But also premium merchandise.

The chips can also be used in toys or premium belts. Making WWE toys and belts interactive with game apps.

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