How Dave Portnoy And Penn Can Help Independent Pizza Outlets And Fast Food Joints Recover From The Pandemic

So Dave has made a video and featured on Tucker Carlson’s show discussing how restaurants and fast food outlets are suffering during the pandemic and I shared my opinion that Dave is wrong. But there must be a way for Dave and Penn to help independent fast food joints.

So Penn hold gambling licences and Dave reviews independent pizza joints. So why not put the two together to help pizza joints through a Fast Food Lottery and a subscription service.

But here’s the genius part. Independent fast food joints join a subscription club. Then people who eat fast food join the subscription club and receive an excellent offer. For example, for $19.99 they get two extra large pizza and a can of soda each month AND a scratch card or entry for a lottery prize via the Stool Streams app. Let’s say $10,000. People who join the service can use their subscription credit at different outlets.

So literally everyone wins…independent pizza joints get customers on a subscription (they make their money from the sides and drinks) so helps to secure their revenue. Penn build up a customer database of people they can market their casino’s to and pizza fans get pizza on subscription but also the chance to win $10,000.

Sure some of the details need working out but this is a great way for everyone to benefit.

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