This is MESSY. Let Me Explain.

So this is a messy situation and I don’t actually think there is a ‘winner’ and nor should there be. So Barstool Sports recruited an employee from AFTV. I’ve previously written about AFTV before the employee from AFTV joined Barstool. AFTV are an incredibly popular YouTube fan group dedicated to Arsenal Football Club. However, AFTV are highly controversial and disliked by many Arsenal fans. To the point where AFTV were attacked by a group of Arsenal fans at an away game and AFTV needed to have a police escort away from the area.

AFTV are seen as capitalizing on the negative aspects of Arsenal. Making money from Arsenal’s poor results. AFTV also interviewed a former West Ham hooligan who spent time in prison for his role in the murder of an Arsenal fan. AFTV described the hooligan as a “Legend”. Another member of AFTV was suspended after calling a South Korean player a “DVD seller”. A racist term towards Asian people and the employee who has joined Barstool claimed that a white player was not booked by a referee because he is white. Now if there are facts and statistics to support the claim that referees are racist then that justifies the claim that referees are racist. But without any evidence then its simply pathetic and inflammatory to accuse referees of being racist.

When the AFTV employee joined Barstool around four months ago I was outraged because I don’t want the racist elements of AFTV joining Barstool. I don’t Barstool staff to attend a sports event only for sports fans to attack them and require a police escort. So I emailed Barstool and a senior employee replied and offered to have a discussion. At this point I believed that the former AFTV employee would only be publishing a podcast which I could ignore. So I left it there, it seemed pointless having a lengthy discussion when I could simply ignore the podcast.

Yet much to my annoyance the employee from AFTV started popping up in video content for Barstool Sports. Making it much harder to ignore him. So frustrated I left a comment on Large’s Twitter feed which then unravelled into a discussion/argument. Now remember, I said there is no winner but in my mind Large asked me around five times for more information on my grievance and then made a joke about racism. But in Large’s defence maybe he just didn’t know or understand all the background to it. We’ll leave it there.

My point is…if Barstool Sports aren’t careful this graffit won’t read “AFTV OUT” it will read “BARSTOOL SPORTS OUT”.

Costumes That Fuck

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