Hey Buddy! Reags Needs To Write A Handwritten Apology Letter To Ronnie O’Sullivan

Hey Buddy!

Reags published a blog post referring to Ronnie O’ Sullivan as “some Pool player”. Can you believe the utter temerity. Don’t they have Wikipedia in La La Land?

Hey Buddy!

Ronnie O’ Sullivan is a six-time WORLD SNOOKER CHAMPION and OBE. His career earnings are around $14,000,000. He was a child prodigy at snooker and has gone onto become the sports leading figure. O’ Sullivan is the Tom Brady of his sport and Barstool Sports refer to him as “some pool player”.

The fucking temerity.

Hey Buddy!

Reags’ blogging proile says “Keeping the SPORTS in Barstool Sports.”


Reags, get out your biro and start writing an apology letter.

Costumes That Fuck

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